Residential Moving

Do you live in Sandusky or Cleveland? Are you planning to move anytime soon? Moving to a new place is a difficult task that requires a lot of pre-planning and preparation. Apart from adjusting to the new place, you also have to pack and move your house. It is a labor-intensive as well as time-consuming task. You can put your worries to ease by hiring a residential moving company in Sandusky.

Licensed and Registered

When searching companies that offer house moving in Cleveland, you must make sure that they are trustworthy. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issues a USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) number to all moving companies. 

Jackson Express LLC is a legitimate and reliable moving company. Our USDOT number and MC (Motor Carrier) number are available in our About Us section. You can check the validity of these numbers by entering them on the Safety and Fitness Electronic Record (SAFETY) website. It should assure you that we are a trustworthy residential moving company in Sandusky and that we will keep your belongings safe until the moment we deliver them to you


Jackson Express LLC has been offering its residential moving services for many years. We are among the top moving companies in Sandusky and provide a range of services. Apart from residential moving services, we also offer commercial moving services to our clients. And if you require packing services for your furniture and other items, we provide these services as well. You only have to tell us your requirements, and our staff of professional packers and movers will get to the job at hand.

We offer quality services at affordable prices. You can read testimonials of our previous client on our website, to get an idea regarding the quality of services we offer.


When it comes to moving, we understand that our clients are worried about the safety of their household items. We assure our clients regarding safe material handling. Moreover, our professional packers make use of appropriate packing material to pack all household items with care. In the case of damage or loss to your household equipment, we have a Basic Insurance plan covering the cost. The Basic Insurance Plan is as per the policy of the United States Department of Transportation. There are no costs associated with the Basic Insurance Plan because we ensure that our clients are at ease when hiring us. Jackson Express LLC is insured with the State of Ohio. Apart from this, you can seek homeowners insurance to cover damages.  

When you hire us for the job, we do not hide any additional charges. We ensure that all the details are available to you. When dealing with homeowners, we are transparent. Even when you sign the contract, we make sure that the client goes through all the terms and conditions to avoid confusion and ambiguities.

Residential Moving

We understand that moving is often a stressful time for homeowners. Hence, we go out of our way to make sure that you get quality services. When it comes to packing household items, we use quality packing material for fragile and other goods. It is to ensure that the items are safe from breakage. Moreover, we also pack furniture with furniture pads to avoid wear and tear of the upholstery. To unpack with relative ease, we label all the packaged boxes. We also provide a list of inventory so that you know where an item is packed. Before you hire us for the job, we will perform a survey of your household to note down the packing and moving requirements. On this occasion, we can only provide you with a rough estimate. 

Our staff has over fifteen years of experience providing services related to house moving in Cleveland. Hence, we are professionals who take our job very seriously. We assure you that our staff is trustworthy because they have been with us for a long time, without any complaints from previous clients. Also, we perform background checks on our employees before we hire them.

When it comes to packing household items, you can trust us. We ensure that all our clients are satisfied with the services that we provide, so that you can focus on what is important in life.

Jackson Express LLC is the best moving company in Sandusky because of our experience as well as quality services.

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